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The first season of the NBC mystery drama Manifest premiered on September 24, 2018 with "Pilot".


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1 1 "Pilot"[1] September 24, 2018 101 10.40[2] 16.13[3] 8[4]
On April 7, 2013, Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York City experiences a brief period of severe turbulence. When they land they are diverted to Stewart International Airport in Newbugh, NY. The passengers and crew learn that the current date is November 4, 2018. Over five-and-a-half years have passed while they were in the air. Police officer Michaela learns that her mother has died, and her fiancé, Jared, has married her best friend. Michaela begins hearing a voice that guides her to save a child from being hit by a bus and to rescue two abducted young girls. Medical researcher Saanvi learns that her work has helped save hundreds of pediatric cancer patients while she was gone. Michaela's nephew Cal, who is suffering from terminal cancer and was also on Flight 828, is a candidate for the treatment. Also experiencing headaches and hearing voices, Michaela's brother Ben and the rest of the returned passengers and crew are drawn to the airstrip where the plane is parked. As they look on, the plane explodes.
2 2 "Reentry"[5] October 1, 2018 102 8.45[6] 9[7]
The NSA questions the 20 Flight 828 passengers and crew who were present when the plane exploded, and they are told not to discuss their experiences with the media. Ben helps fellow passenger Radd make contact with his son Adio, who is imprisoned at Rikers Island for a robbery he says he did not commit. Ben's new abilities lead him to discover the real culprit is the store owner's son, and Adio is freed. Meanwhile, Michaela avoids Jared's wife—her former best friend Lourdes. Seeing the many posts and birthday messages Lourdes left for her on social media during the years she was missing, Michaela reaches out to her, and lies that she was planning to decline Jared's proposal before the plane disappeared. Ben learns from Olive that there is another man in Grace's life. Kelly, one of the passengers from Flight 828, speaks with the media, and is murdered.
3 3 "Turbulence"[8] October 8, 2018 103 7.45[9]
Thinking Kelly's murder may be connected to her speaking out, Michaela and Ben visit the murder scene, and later speak to Kelly's husband Patrick and housekeeper Christine. The NSA takes control of the investigation, and Vance tries to compel Jared to keep him informed of Michaela's movements. Cal is upset to discover that his former best friend Kevin is dating Olive. Michaela is still traumatized by the death of her friend Evie, who was killed in a car wreck while Michaela was driving, for which Evie's parents Glen and Beverly blame Michaela. She visits Glen and Beverly and learns that Beverly has dementia while Glen is no longer angry at Michaela. Michaela later faces her fear of driving to find Beverly, who has wandered off, and saves her from being hit by a car. The driver is Christine, who is in possession of Kelly's missing necklace and later admits to killing her. Michaela tells Jared that something has changed in her that she cannot explain. Saanvi finds something unusual in Cal's blood, and then in her own, which is usually produced by an ischemic stroke. The NSA takes custody of Kelly's body.
4 4 "Unclaimed Baggage"[10] October 15, 2018 104 7.46
A flashback reveals that flight attendant Bethany smuggled her cousin Leo's boyfriend Thomas in the cargo hold, and the NSA found his fingerprints. Saanvi compares scans of her brain to those of an institutionalized patient and seeks him out. He turns out to be Thomas. When Michaela's partner is unavailable due to a "busted pipe," Jared reluctantly follows Michaela's instincts and they interrupt the ATF's undercover operation. Jared takes responsibility for his decision and is suspended. Grace learns the life insurance company intends to recollect the $500K which they paid her after Ben's disappearance and presumed death. Ben meets Grace's ex-boyfriend Danny after Olive was detained for attempting to shoplift a lipstick from a cosmetic store. Thomas escaped from the institution and the NSA is searching for him. With help from Michaela and Saanvi, Bethany correctly interprets the clues from Michaela's vision and they find Thomas. Bethany explains that Leo went missing two years after their flight disappeared, leaving no one to meet Thomas. Michaela and Saanvi help Bethany find a safe place in the former mall owned by Kelly Taylor. Robert Vance subsequently adds Thomas as "John Doe" to his Persons of Interest board, replacing Kelly Taylor.
5 5 "Connecting Flights"[11] October 22, 2018 105 7.29
Flashbacks show how Grace, Olive, Jared, Lourdes, and Steve coped during the day when Flight 828 went missing. Jared's cover-up following the incident causes him to be docked 10 days pay thanks to Robert Vance. Ben and Cal go to Coney Island where Cal suddenly leads Ben to Thomas while quoting "it's all connected" which Ben has been hearing in his head. Bethany is picked up by the NSA to talk about the "John Doe" she snuck into the United States while her wife helps Thomas escape to a cabin in the mountains. After advice from her father, Michaela goes to speak to Jared at a bar. Ben and Cal learn from Bethany's wife Georgia that she got picked up by the NSA. Michaela learns from Ben about Cal not hearing voices like they do but still having abilities that manifest in a different way, causing Ben to dedicate himself to figuring the mystery out. In the final scene, a flashback shows Cal looking out the window while the passengers of Flight 828 are asleep as he sees something glowing outside and a voice stating that "it's all connected," the words that have begun haunting Ben.
6 6 Off Radar November 5, 2018 106 6.28
When Cal develops an unexplained fever and begins speaking Bulgarian, Ben connects his condition to Marko Valeriev, a Bulgarian passenger on flight 828 who has not been seen since leaving the hanger. He and Michaela review footage from the night the plane landed and see passengers loaded onto five buses, but only four arrived at their intended destination. The fifth bus contained eleven passengers who were foreign nationals, had no next of kin, or were otherwise individuals no one would report as missing. The buses were contracted by Unified Dynamic Systems (UDS), a large corporation involved in many industries. After getting some information from a translator, Michaela locates a farm where UDS is experimenting on the eleven passengers, but she and Jared are chased away by armed men. Ben confronts Vance about the missing passengers, believing the NSA is behind their disappearance and threatens to tell the press. Although Vance has dossiers on the eleven passengers showing they are accounted for, he leads a team to investigate the farm location. UDS has moved locations, but Vance finds a bloody bandage that was left behind by accident. When the experiments on Marko are stopped for the move, Cal recovers.
7 7 S.N.A.F.U November 12, 2018 107 6.10
Suspicious about Unified Dynamic Systems, Ben takes a low-level job at UDS's accounting firm, J. P. Williamson. Browsing their records, he finds information about fellow passenger Fiona Clarke. Michaela and Jared later respond to a crime scene where a young man's uncle was killed by a robber. The nephew, Carlos, is reluctant to identify the culprit. Ben and Saanvi meet Fiona, who informs them about the Singularity project and her work with mirror neurons. Ben downloads information on UDS at J. P. Williamson, but he is caught by Vance and surrenders the flash drive. Michaela convinces Carlos to cooperate, and they catch the culprit in the act of another attack. Later, Michaela learns that Carlos received Evie's heart in a transplant. Vance tells Powell that Ben did not have the downloaded information.
8 8 Point of no return November 19, 2018 108 5.56
Ben and Grace allow Cal to return to school with Olive assisting Cal. After getting a "don't lose him" calling, Michaela and Jared respond to a situation Harvey, a flight 828 passenger, is jumps off a building after claiming he is the "Angel of Death." At school, Cal reconnects with his friends who are now 5 1/2 years older, and his presence sparks old memories among them. Vance contacts Ben and they agree to work together. They have Fiona visit her contacts at UDS and plant a bug in Laurence Belson's office. While grocery shopping, Grace meets Lourdes and notices a fertility kit in her shopping cart. Grace tells Michaela, who then discovers with Jared that three people Harvey interacted are dead from unlikely accidents. Michaela gets the "don't lose him" calling again. Ben secretly borrows his boss's work ID to get to research where UDS may have moved the passengers. Meanwhile, Vance uses NSA resources to track phones that have been in known UDS areas. Together, they narrow the search to a private. The Singularity project staff prepares to work on Marko again, and Cal senses it.
9 9 Dead Reckoning November 26, 2018 109 5.97
When Flight 828 landed, Vance discovered a warrant for the arrest of passenger Autumn Cox, and she was one of the eleven taken by UDS. In the present, Autumn approaches Ben saying she escaped the Singularity project and knew he would help her. Ben enlists Saanvi and Fiona to help her at the hideout, where they tell Vance about the Singularity project and Laurence. Meanwhile, Laurence demonstrates his experiment in a broadcast to his superiors. Marko is tested with boosted power, causing all passengers to react. At the same time, Grace learns Ben has been fired from his job. Michaela, Jared, Vance, Ben, and Fiona find nothing at the warehouse, but Cal arrives and exposes a hidden door. There is a gun fight and the missing passengers are freed. Vance, Jared, and Laurence are caught in an accidental explosion. Fiona escorts the missing passengers to a safe location. At a hospital with Jared, Michaela is told Vance died. Grace and Ben decide their marriage is no longer working and Ben leaves. Privately, Autumn uses a hidden cell phone to contact Laurence's superiors and ask what they want her to do next.
10 10 Crosswinds January 7, 2019 110 5.84
As Ben leaves the memorial service for Vance, he is approached by "828Gate" podcaster Aaron Glover who wants to interview him. Fiona and Saanvi note that all of the rescued passengers have a simultaneous identical reaction, and arrange for some other passengers to visit them to see if they experienced a similar phenomenon. Michaela receives a vision of a blizzard and hears the words "find her". She and Jared find Helen, the wife of one of the passengers who has awoken with amnesia. She says her husband had been abusive to her. Autumn becomes frustrated with the pressure Laurence's superiors place on her. Olive invites Danny over for dinner in order to cheer up Grace. Ben persuades Vance's subordinate Tim Powell to help find info on "the Major", the shadowy figure in charge of the experiments on the passengers. Jared confesses to Michaela that he still loves her, and they sleep together. As Powell is picked up by people working for the Major, Autumn is visited by one of the Major's minions named Director Jansen who states that the Major wants to speak to her. Cal has a calling where a man in a blizzard is holding a picture of Michaela as he quotes "find her".
11 11 Contrails January 14, 2019 111 5.46
In flashbacks, Captain Bill Daly and co-pilot Amuta fly Flight 828 through an unexpected storm. In 2018, Vance accuses him of questionable decisions. In the present, Bill tells Ben how he has been blamed for what happened to Flight 828 and the event separated him from his family. Michaela contacts Amuta, who supports Bill's claim but has returned to Jamaica. Bill and Ben meet with a meteorologist, Roger Mencin, who suspected dark lightning contributed to Flight 828 vanishing, but he was coerced into silence before he could share his views publicly. Director Jansen prompts Autumn to visit Michaela, who is watching Cal. Believing he can prove he was not at fault for Flight 828, Bill abducts Fiona, whom he believes was involved in the conspiracy. Bill flies a stolen airplane and Fiona into another dark lightning storm. The Air National Guard claims the airplane was shot down, but the media reports no wreckage was recovered. Meanwhile, Michaela learns Roger died in a suspicious boating accident and suspects Autumn overheard a conversation about him. Grace discovers Cal is missing.
12 12 Vanishing Point January 21, 2019 112 5.37
Ben returns home to find Grace called the police about Cal's disappearance. Michaela apprehends Autumn and meets Ben. Jared tells the police Cal is at his grandfather’s house and the search is ended. Finding a clue left behind by Cal, Ben and Grace try to find him in Tannersville, New York. Director Jansen learns Autumn is in police custody and informs the Major, who cancels the warrants so the police cannot hold her. Michaela learns that Autumn’s daughter was adopted before flight 828 returned and the Major had promised to reunite them. Michaela locates the daughter and Autumn tells the Major’s men, who were also looking for Cal, to go in the wrong direction. Ben and Grace follow Cal's clues to a remote cabin. They reunite with Cal, who left home by himself to help a man at the cabin. Shortly after, a hiker named Zeke collapses at the cabin door. Michaela arrives and recognizes him from her last calling. He tells them he took shelter in a cave during a blizzard two weeks earlier, in December 2017. Ben informs him that it is currently December 2018. Meanwhile, the Major moves into a New York apartment.
13 13 Cleared for Approach January 28, 2019 113 5.54
Zeke is not ready to return to his life, prompting Michaela to stay with him, while Ben and Grace take Cal home. As they settle back, a brick is thrown through their front window with Ben discovering a large red X painted on their front door. While getting supplies for Zeke, Michaela learns about Chloe, Zeke’s younger sister who had died earlier in the same area. Jared ultimately connects the Stone’s broken window to Calvin Webber, who runs a conspiracy website about Flight 828 passengers. Ben confronts Calvin unknowing that his threats are being live-streamed as the police had arrived during that time. Jared warns Ben that if this happens again, neither he or Michaela can help him. Michaela and Zeke follow a calling to Chloe's memorial, where they build a cairn to pay respect. Meanwhile, Saanvi tells Ben that Zeke has the same blood marker they do, based on the sample he brought her. As she leaves her research lab, she too finds a large red X painted on her lab door. Grace and Ben begin to reconcile. Michaela and Zeke find a painting of two people under three stars, just as dark lightning forms in the sky.
14 14 Upgrade February 4, 2019 114 5.26
Michela invites Zeke to stay at her apartment, who then has a calling about a black wolf, which is also experienced by Cal. Saanvi is asked to treat the cancer-stricken husband of a desperate woman named Alice Ciccone, a member of the "Church of the Returned", who believe Flight 828 passengers can perform miracles. When Saanvi cannot help the man, Alice forces her to continue at gunpoint. Ben believes something has happened to Saanvi, locating a church pamphlet Alice dropped in Saanvi's office. Michaela admits to her affair with Jared to Lourdes. Ben and Michela head to Alice’s house, where they find and rescue Saanvi. Adrian, the leader of the Church of the Returned and a Flight 828 passenger, admits to Ben that he does not believe what he is preaching. Director Jansen reports seeing Ben during a church meeting to the Major. Michela visits Lourdes only to find she has left Jared. Cal draws Zeke’s calling, showing the wolf with Michaela. A getaway van from a robbery is pulled from the East River three days after it crashed, which Michaela is assigned to investigate. When she opens the door, the driver lunges at her, gasping for air.
15 15 Hard Landing February 11, 2019 115 6.00
In a flashback, James Griffin kills two guards and his two accomplices during a robbery. In the present, James is taken to the hospital where Saanvi works after he is pulled from his getaway van. Griffin has a calling about a bomb threat which is overheard by Michaela, Jared, Ben, and Zeke, but he is sedated before they can learn more. Saanvi finds the blood marker in Griffin, and they realize he and his van were missing for 82 hours and 8 minutes. This was given a negative comment by Calvin Webber. Michaela explains the callings to Griffin, who then decides to offer what he knows to the FBI in exchange for a reduced sentence. Meanwhile, Saanvi develops PTSD symptoms in response to the incident with Alice. Zeke is arrested while trying to break into a townhouse, which he tells Michaela belongs to his mom. The FBI grants Griffin immunity for the murders committed during the robbery and they defuse a bomb in Midtown Manhattan using information he gives them. Afterwards, Michaela has another vision of the black wolf.
16 16 Estimated time of Departure February 18, 2019 116 5.36
Griffin is released from police custody. Michaela, Ben, Saanvi, and Zeke all hear a calling to “Stop him”. Suspicious of Zeke, Jared asks fellow officer Tony Diaz to follow him. Diaz sees Zeke making an illegal transaction in an alley. Michaela and Ben confront Griffin moments before he is about to reveal the callings on a TV talk show. Zeke is also there to obey the calling, discreetly planning to shoot and kill Griffin. Suddenly, Griffin spews a massive amount of water, essentially drowning on a dry sidewalk. Olive and Ben calculate that Griffin died eighty-two hours and eight minutes after he returned – the same period of time he was gone. Ben calculates the Flight 828 passengers will all die on June 2, 2024, with Cal confirming he had a vision of their deaths. Grace tells Ben she is pregnant, but with Danny most likely being the father. Dr. Matthews recommends a therapist to Saanvi for her PTSD, but the therapist turns out to be the Major. Jared confronts Zeke in Michaela's apartment, believing Zeke bought drugs in the alley. When Zeke reveals he actually bought a gun, Jared and Zeke engage in a fight. As Michaela returns to her apartment, the fight triggers a gunshot fired off camera.


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